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gsap ScrollToPlugin not working with ScrollTrigger.scrollerProxy()

DexteRs Code test
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I'm creating a project where i need smooth scrolling as well as scroll-to function. In my codepen I've used smooth-scrollbar library coexisting with scrolltrigger's scrollerproxy() library... which works fine. But due to the scrolljaking the scrolltoplugin is not working properly. I've tried scrolltoplugin without smooth scrolling it works but I need both to work together. Is there any way to make them work together?


Thanks in advance!

See the Pen qBXWYWq by dexterscode (@dexterscode) on CodePen

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Hello @DexteRs Code


GSAP's ScrollTo-Plugin won't work with smooth-scrollbar.js because of how smooth-scrollbar makes the smooth-scrolling work - it basically changes everything. That is why smooth-scrollbar has a scrollTo()-method of its own that you will have to use instead.


Here is a link to their API documentation:



Happy smooth-scrolling :) 



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