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Killed GSDevTools forgets to clean its event listeners?

Mamorukun test
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after debugging my own even listeners cleanup using Chrome debug console, I noticed that GSDevTools, when killed, forget to clean its own event listeners. For example, in the image bellow I killed/recreated GSDevTools four times (to feed it with different timelines, as there is no functionality to do it without recreating the beast ^^). Are you aware of that? It's not a big deal for me right now though.



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 sensible code removed


That's the only code I'm allowed to share. I breakpoint on previousGSDevTools.kill() to check the console each time I change the timeline to display (so when I need to kill GSDevToolsprevious instance), thereby my screenshot above.

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Hm, I'm curious about a few things:

  1. Are you a Club GreenSock member under a different account or something? Or are you only using the trial version? I'm just confused about how you have access to it if your account shows you're not a member. 
  2. What version of GSDevTools are you using? Please make sure it's the latest. 
  3. Couldn't your code be simplified to this?: 
    let previousGSDevTools = GSDevTools.getById("AMjs_GSDevTools");
    let previousTime = globalTimeline.time();
    previousGSDevTools && previousGSDevTools.kill();
    GSDevTools.create({ id: "AMjs_GSDevTools", container: "#GSDevToolsContainer", animation: globalTimeline });
    gsap.delayedCall(0.2, () => globalTimeline.time(previousTime));

Like I said, in the file I'm looking at, the keydown event listener is indeed removed in the kill() method so I'm not entirely sure what to tell you. 🤷‍♂️

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1. I'm an employee of a Belgian company which is a Club GreenSock member (I'll be glad to communicate you by private message any information you'd need if you want to check), and that's also why I don't have the permission to show more of my code.

2. GSDevTools 3.7.1

3. I like the "previousGSDevTools && previousGSDevTools.kill();". I'm ashame to admit it, but I was not aware that such a writting works on JS. Unfortunately, I may not simplify my code the way you suggest because my globalTimeline is not a "global" JS item ("global" here stands for "globalizing all the sub timelines"). As soon as the GSDevTools is created, I loose the reference of that globalTimeline. That's why I have to retrieve it from GSDevTools when I have to recreate the tools on a new globalTimeline.


Nevertheless, don't worry about this. As I wrote in my previous message, it's not a big deal at my side. Perhaps is it simply a side effect of using gsap inside React.


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