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Setting same animation for multiple elements to get triggered individually (GSAP + ScrollTrigger)

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I'm really excited to get the opportunity to work with gsap! I'm currently having an issue with reusing the same gsap function for multiple elements.

My goal is, that each box-container gets triggered individually when they come into the viewport. Currently, the animation function is only applied to the first box-container, which is also the only one that has gotten a scrollTrigger marker applied to it. What I want however, is that each bock-container gets their own markers and is triggered individually. To me, my demo really makes sense but it's obviously not achieving what I need. I would really appreciate if someone could explain to me where I went wrong ^^




Edit: I've changed the animations from when I first posted, but I added some comments to the codepen for later viewers that might experience the same problem to see the progression. 

See the Pen ExmeapK by aki-sol (@aki-sol) on CodePen

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Thanks a lot Cassie! It's a great article and it helped me find some mistakes! In the function that I initially set up I failed to use the identifier from the forEach() as the trigger.  As advised by the article I also changed the gsap function from "from" to "fromTo" which helped with the proper timing of the animation starting for each module, even though I must admit I haven't really understood why this is the right solution yet. 


However, the animation is behaving strangely. I don't understand why the boxes jump back up and down at random times which in some cases also messes up the animation timing for the second container. I thought that setting an explicit end point would fix it but that does not see to be the problem here. 

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