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Hi Jack,


I've been searching the web for a more simplified particle engine. Maybe it's because I'm spoiled by the ease and awesomeness of TweenMax, but I can't seem to find anything that doesn't require a large amount of re-construction or trouble-shooting to even get an example to work.


I was wondering if you had any plans on designing a particle generator based library/API in the upcoming future.


Thanks for all you help in the past.




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Well, I actually did create one a little while back for a project. Seemed to work great, and it was only like 4k or something but could do all sorts of stuff. However, one of the more difficult things to do (well, time-consuming at least) is to take working code and document it, create examples, and communicate to end users how the heck to use the API. I'm sure that's part of the frustration you're running into with the other systems out there. Particles can be pretty complex in terms of all the settings. I never documented my system or put any effort into releasing something publicly. If you'd like to take a peek at what I've got and don't mind the fact that there aren't any ASDocs, I'd be willing to share it with "Shockingly Green" or corporate Club GreenSock members. I do have an example FLA that demonstrates some of the capabilities, so that should help.


Maybe I'll eventually document it and get it ready for public release, but I'm not sure yet. There are some other more pressing things on my plate that I need to tend to like some videos for LoaderMax and TimelineLite/Max and a few other goodies.


Thanks for asking, by the way.

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Hi Jack,


You're absolutely right. That's been my problem. It's like every particle system I try out expects my intelligence to be at a certain level, but for the most part they just aren't complete.


Thanks for the offer. I think it would be best to possibly just ponder for the time being. As being a member, I'd upgrade to the shocking green for something root that does all the basic things Emitter 2.0 does like origin size, speed, spray (0-360 degrees), and random feature to modify and make smoke, steam, and rain. But you're right it's really complex and any idea would have to come out in versions. Heh, like fire would have to wait I'd imagine.


As I've learned, it is waaaay complex. For the meantime, I'll just have to fake it. :)


Thanks though, stoked on being a really green member. :D




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