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Hello, I have a scroll animation on my websitethat is a .json file.  Animation was made in Blender then exported via After Effects using the extension Bodymovin.  I’ve been very interested in starting with GSAP but I’m having a hard time spending money on something I’m not even sure will do the job.  I’ve installed the GSAP url on my Shopify site but no clue what to do next.  Which is why now, I’m willing to lay a fee to get this wrapped out using three.js and GSAP perhaps.  Or does GSAP and three.js work with .json files?   I’m the Lead Designer here at The Berrics in Los Angeles and I’m very intrigued by coding and web animations doing a lot of reading and learning as I can.  Can anyone please help me.  The quality I have up in my site is hideous.  Please help me.



***  scroll animation is towards bottom of homepage***

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I can see you have started up a new thread following Cassie's advice but this new thread has no new information that might help a potential freelancer gauge the work required and/or be able to provide you with an accurate estimate for the work or worse, even be able to judge whether they have the right skills for the job.


I have looked the the website on the url you have provided but failed to see any significant animation.


I understand you are looking for a professional to help you deliver and then, you hope to learn from the codebase you end up with. But, can you give any references to what is the end result? Can you show the exported Bodymovin animation? What do you expect GSAP to do? And THREE.js? These are three very different tools that CAN work together yet, at the same time, do not need to be together to work very well on their own.

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Yep, what Dipscom said.

I understand (from experience) that being frustrated, up against a time constraint and deep into something you don't understand is a very confusing place to be in, and a hard place to communicate from, but try and step back a little. Rather than talk about the tech, explain the bigger picture and let the freelancers work out what tech is needed. That's what experts are for.


I need an animation remade as it's not performant enough.
 - (include a video recording/gif or link to an online hosted demo)

- must be more performant?
- must be triggered by scroll?

Tech stack

- shopify?

Start date


Delivery date




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