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CustomEase not in dist directory after npm install

vsiege test
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Hi GSAP community,


I attempting to use CustomEase and have followed the instructions in the docs for UMD/CommonJS with require. This is the exact install plugins I have opted to use. GSAP is currently working as desired (thanks!). The last plugin I added today was CustomEase and I am having trouble when I try to run my build. 

const { gsap } = require("gsap/dist/gsap");
const { ExpoScaleEase } = require("gsap/dist/EasePack");
const { CSSRulePlugin } = require("gsap/dist/CSSRulePlugin");
const { ScrollTrigger } = require("gsap/dist/ScrollTrigger");
const { CustomEase } = require("gsap/dist/CustomEase");

window.gsap = gsap;

gsap.registerPlugin(CSSRulePlugin, ScrollTrigger, CustomEase, ExpoScaleEase);

Before adding CustomEase, things were running well. Reviewing the debug (from Gulp task) I found that it cannot locate the module.

Error: Can't walk dependency graph: Cannot find module 'gsap/dist/CustomEase' from...

I then reviewed node_modules/gsap/dist for the CustomEase.ts file and it is absent. Perhaps I missed something in the installation instructions or I have to manually add it. Your help is appreciated. Thanks


From my package.json

"dependencies": {
    "gsap": "^3.6.1"


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I located this thread which seems to indicate that I should download it manually. If that's still a valid answer, should I locate it manually in node_modules/gsap/dist  or is it better to leave that node directory alone and put it in another project directory? Thanks

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