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Growing in skills but but still feeling green, get it? Green?

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I have been working through the CCC with Carl and in addition to learning the basics and beyond with Greensock I have been building things and learning about Adobe Animate too! All the while my prior JavaScript knowledge has and is proving to be most useful, thank you Treehouse Tech Degree!            Really having a blast and I believe I'm getting better than I was before today, everyday. I hope to increase my abilities and usefulness and become part of something great! Or start something great, who knows. This is a project that I have spent the last week and a half on. The Illustration is an .ai file that I exported as an SVG and from there ALL the work on the animating process is completely my own. I don't know if this is something like what I would put in the area for posting work because it isn't  a work that I'm trying to sell, yet. Any thoughts that are positive and encouraging are more than welcome. Other thoughts may be helpful as well. Thanks for taking time to enjoy! I hope lol. I just enjoy deconstructing SVGs and identifying the parts that I want to animate. And then I just start writing GSAP code in order to make it do what I want. It is fascinating to me!  Here it is, and it WILL be continually changing , perhaps  ;) Unless one of you tells me they LOVE it. Then I will probably leave it be lol.





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This is great. What a fantastic design to bring to life! There are some nice subtleties that work very well. 

I don't think there's a better way to learn than to be tinkering on something like this.

It makes me VERY happy to see that a student of mine can do this stuff in such little time!

Great job! - but also KEEP going! :)


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