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Scroll based accordion

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Hi everyone, 


So I'm trying to create an accordion that reveals the region content when it is scrolled into. First issue I'm having is sometimes multiple regions open at the same time. Secondly( and I'm not sure I have any idea how to implement this), I intend to make the scroll bar skip to the position of the next accordion region when scrolled. For example, if I have 3 accordion regions, once the container is pinned, the scroll bar should skip to the position of the next accordion when scrolled. 

See the Pen vYgdjBB by Kriszzy01 (@Kriszzy01) on CodePen

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Hi Christian!

For the accordion - this might be a cleaner solution. Opening each section one by one in a timeline and pinning the container while it plays out.

See the Pen a8f3c627b4d152fd68bb4055c5a9af68?editors=0010 by cassie-codes (@cassie-codes) on CodePen

You can 'snap' to certain sections in the animation but ScrollTrigger doesn't do any scroll jacking. iIt's a bit of a usability nightmare and it's very error-prone.

You can read more here about snapping and scroll-jacking -

  • No scroll-jacking, so it can be combined with native technologies like CSS scroll snapping. If you want scroll-jacking, you can use the scrollerProxy() method to integrate with a 3rd party smooth-scrolling library.
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Thanks for your help Cassie! Never thought of this approach.  If you scroll really fast, it breezes through the animation, which has really been the main issue. I would like a situation where no matter the scroll speed, it only moves one step to the next.


I agree that scrollTrigger proxy can be the solution here, but I don't quite understand it generally, plus most 3rd part libraries (I know) do mostly smooth scrolling. 

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 'no matter the scroll speed, it only moves one step to the next.' sounds like a very hard thing to code to be honest.

How would you know when to move on to the next section?


I think Mikel's right here, moving the endpoint further back to slow it down is probably the best bet!

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Thanks @mikel. Extending the endpoint does slow it down. And @Cassie the requirement is quite challenging to build. 


Really appreciate ya'll for helping out! I have a feeling messing around with scrollTrigger proxy may do the trick. Once I understand, and if I get a solution, I'll drop it here. Thank you!

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See the Pen RwKJxQm by Kriszzy01 (@Kriszzy01) on CodePen


Hello guys, so this is basically what I intend to achieve. It works (please ignore the messy code, will fix that eventually). Issue here is because of the approach I used to make sure the first and last accordion regions remain open at the beginning and end of the scrub respectively, the transitioning for the rest of accordions differs compared to the first and last. Basically, it has this snapping nature between states which is down to directly changing the display property on the style as shown in the pen.


My question is, is there a better approach to achieving this result? This approach seems real hacky and though it works, I would prefer some consistency.

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