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Depth-Bug when selecting TransformItems

Boris test
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i have two Items in my Flex-TransformManager, one in the front and one behind the first. When now select the one in the back and i run in loop through the FlexTramsformManager the elements switched the depth without calling the moveSelectionDepthUp()- Method. When i select the item in front, it switches again.


Is that a bug or a feature?



offcourse forceSelectionToFront is set to false

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ok - i found a solution. When your run the following Flex-App, you will see that the for each loop doesn't swap the depth but the normal loop displays the correct depth of every child from the transformer

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

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Could you describe what surprised you about this? Since TransformManager needs to add some invisible items to the display list (like for the selection box, cursors, etc.), it is normal for there to be a few depths occupied, but visually things should work great in terms of swapping depths. I'm very sleep-deprived, so I may be missing an obvious point you're trying to explain :)

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