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How to get the transformed item as a IDrawable

Boris test
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i trying to calculate the exact position of a transformed Text-Area, but when i draw my BitmapData with myTransformItem.targetObject, there will be drawn only the unscaled TextArea. Im looking for the first dark Pixel inside that Transform-Item, but i need the scaled TransformItem.


How can i solve this?


best Boris

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That has nothing to do with TransformManager - it's just how Flash's BitmapData.draw() works. You need to read up on the matrix parameter of draw() if you want to maintain the transformations properly. Usually you need to use the object's transform.matrix value and make sure your BitmapData is sized appropriately.

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thnks jack -i know solved that Problem when i use


var m:Matrix = new Matrix(t.targetObject.transform.matrix.a,

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