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create() method [SOLVED]

Guest RebuiltJorge
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Guest RebuiltJorge

hi, i have tried looking everywhere for documentation on the create() method, however i can't seem to find any, can you give a brief explanation on it please, thanks

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Yep, I JUST added that last night actually. I'll be sending out a notification to Club GreenSock members shortly. Basically, the new create() method prevents you from creating more than one proxy per DisplayObject/MovieClip. Some people were spawning new proxies every time a button was rolled over or off, and they had conflicts with multiple proxies trying to control the color of a single DisplayObject/MovieClip. When you use the new create() method, it checks to see if there's already a proxy for that particular object. If so, it returns that proxy, and if not, it creates a new one and returns it.


I also added a "target" property that allows you to get/set the target of the ColorTransformProxy.



var ctp:ColorTransformProxy = new ColorTransformProxy(my_mc);



var ctp:ColorTransformProxy = ColorTransformProxy.create(my_mc);


I'll send you a link shortly...

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