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Stopping all animations within a specific parent element

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I have a lot of pages with different interactive applications that use Tweens but aren't part of a timeline.


If all of those tweening elements were contained within a parent div, like this:


<div id="gsaparea">

    <!-- all active tweens live here -->



Is it possible to kill all tweening elements that are children of that div, by referencing that div id somehow? What I'm hoping for is a function like killTweensInside("divname");


Is that possible?


Thanks in advance.



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Here's a helper function that wouldn't require that you figure out all the children - you could just pass in the parent element (or selector text): 

function killChildTweensOf(ancestor) {
  ancestor = gsap.utils.toArray(ancestor)[0];
  gsap.globalTimeline.getChildren(true, true, false).forEach(tween => tween.targets().forEach(e => e.nodeType && ancestor.contains(e) && tween.kill(e)));

And here's a simple demo: 

See the Pen yLOPRQG?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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