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After Effects? :)

zumajoe test
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... a GreenSock plugin for AE, could it ever happen?


I read an online interview the other day, said that you used to use AE? If not plugin, what about expression library?


Getting addicted here. :geek:

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Ha ha. Kind of you to mention that. And yes, I've used After Effects a fair amount but I'm not looking to create any plugins for it at this point. I'm focused on Flash at the moment and have lots of ideas bouncing around my head. Keep an eye on the main site for upcoming releases. ;)

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Hi Joe,


Thanks for expressing your interest.

Its a little funny to see Jack's response above as 4 years later the new response is that we are laser-focused on the HTML5/JavaScript version of the animation tools:)


Although its interesting that ExtendScript is very similar to JavaScript, we just don't have the resources to look into it and the demand for strong HTML5 tools is through the roof right now.


Again, we're always interested in hearing ways that we can make tools that fill a need, so thanks for sharing.





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I think one advantage of an AfterEffects plugin might be to offer example GSAP code or some output of relevant transform/timing/easing values in one chunk.  I am speaking as a front-end dev on a team with a designer who is building his animations in AfterEffects, and I have to either open the AfterEffects file and figure out the timing, easing and so forth for each piece and then translate that to TimeLineMax syntax or I have to watch the animation output in a video format and guesstimate what those values are as I go.  In other words, there is one person designing the animation and another person translating it to the web.  The former does not write JavaScript and the latter does not have a hand in the design/decision process.  Having some way for such a team to communicate values across the two platforms might be helpful and save some development time, particularly on complex animations that have to be translated as accurately as possible.

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