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gsap + Split text, how to animate from last char to first

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Heye Nekiy2. First off, that demo is using an old version of GSAP. We highly recommend using GSAP 3. I updated the demos in the SplitText docs.


As for your question, you can just reverse the arrays before using them as the target. JS has a handy .reverse() method for that. For example:

splitTextTimeline.from(mySplitText.chars, {stagger: 0.1, ... });


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Yeah, with GSAP 3 you have many more options for staggering.


Check out this video on the stagger object which lets you stagger from "end" and "center" 



animation.from(split.chars, {opacity:0, y:50, ease:"back(4)", stagger:{

Demo here:

See the Pen BajxopX by snorkltv (@snorkltv) on CodePen



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