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Draggable plugin + DrawSVG plugin

Quickette test
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Hi! I have a problem using draggable plugin with DrawSVG plugin. 

I have a clock which I can drag to move hands. When I release (dragend), a timer is starting. But if I want to update timer when timer is in progress, I can't reset svg. So more I update, more the svg decreases quicky. 


Do you have any idea? Thx a lot :)


I'm sorry i don't know how to import libs on codepen... :/

See the Pen yLevPqv by Quickette (@Quickette) on CodePen

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Sorry, I don't understand your question. I think it'd be much better to just fork this CodePen which already includes ALL of the GSAP files: 

See the Pen aYYOdN by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


And then only build the piece of your project that's problematic. There's no need to include all the other functionality that you're not struggling with. This will allow us to better understand what you're asking and see what's going on in context. 

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