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TransformManager deleting TargetObject on backspace

trahm test
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When I set item.hasSelectableText=true, and then edit a TextField not managed by TransformManager and hit the backspace, TransformManager deletes the current selected item.


I stopped TransformManager from doing this by changing the following code in TransformManager


private static function onKeyPress($e:KeyboardEvent):void {
           _keysDown[$e.keyCode] = true;
           if ($e.keyCode == Keyboard.DELETE ){        //|| $e.keyCode == Keyboard.BACKSPACE) {
           	_keyDispatcher.dispatchEvent(new KeyboardEvent("pressDelete"));
           } else if ($e.keyCode == Keyboard.SHIFT || $e.keyCode == Keyboard.CONTROL) {
           	_keyDispatcher.dispatchEvent(new KeyboardEvent("pressMultiSelectKey"));
           } else if($e.keyCode == Keyboard.UP || $e.keyCode == Keyboard.DOWN || $e.keyCode == Keyboard.LEFT || $e.keyCode == Keyboard.RIGHT) {
       		var kbe:KeyboardEvent = new KeyboardEvent("pressArrowKey", true, false, $e.charCode, $e.keyCode, $e.keyLocation, $e.ctrlKey, $e.altKey, $e.shiftKey);

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I wouldn't really recommend doing that, though, because it prevents the user from using BACKSPACE to delete an object. If you have an interface where objects can be selected and the user can edit a different TextField (not selected), you might just want to set allowDelete to false to eliminate that functionality altogether and then just manage the deletion stuff yourself in whatever way you want (you can still call deleteSelection() manually in a handler of your own). Just an idea.

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