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Creating tutorials about using our GSAP-based visual editor for interactions

Matjaz Trontelj test
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Hi, Matjaz here, the author of Pinegrow Web Editor.


We recently launched Pinegrow Interactions, a GSAP-based visual editor for creating web interactions and animations:



We're looking for an experienced interactions designer who would help show our users how they can create interactions with Pinegrow Interactions by:

  • Creating tutorials and examples
  • Improving our existing documentation
  • Building interaction presets that users could reuse in their projects
  • Advising users on creating accessible interactions


The skills and experiences we're looking for are:

  • Interaction design and development
  • Good eye for design
  • Content writing and recording video tutorials
  • Fluent English, both spoken and written (desirable, we can work around this one if needed)


The project has two stages:

  • Creating the complete set of documentation, tutorials...
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates


We are flexible regarding the timing, open to doing this as a fixed-fee project or hourly or a combination of both.


Please let me know if you need any other info.


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Hi @Matjaz Trontelj If you are still looking I am interested in this. I have been working with Greensock for a few years now. I have created courses and documentation on SVG, GreenSock, and more. I am currently doing some freelance part-time work creating documentation for an online course platform called ExamPro.
You can learn more about me, my courses, and writing here .
I'd love to connect. You can reach me at chmagorton@gmail.com if you would like to talk more about it. 

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