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Five3D + Tweenlite another Transform Around Point problem

aaarghhh test
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Hello, i have bought the very green membership account !

I' trying to use the Transform Around Point plugin with a Five3D' sprite3D class.


I want to rotate a sprite3d around a point but seem that in the onInitTween event there is a call to _target.globalToLocal . Class Sprite3d don't have that method implemented... better it's overrided with an exception throw.


Do u know any walkaround?

Thank You a lot.


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Sorry, but if the object isn't a DisplayObject (the docs say that's what TransformAroundPointPlugin requires) and has no globalToLocal() method, it won't work (as you discovered) :). Maybe you could wrap your object inside a Sprite or something and tween that? I'm not sure - I'm not a Five3D guy.

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