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Hey, i've found very nice javascript code http://www.chiptune.com/starfield/starfield.html and i am trying to recode it to the GSAP. I am not sure how to make it.

When you open the link, you can move your mouse over the screen, the direction will change. When you scroll down/up you will change speed (forward/backward). Also, you can click the mouse button (and hold it), so you can see star trail. I would like to create this in GSAP but with some controls (speed, direction, trails - on/off).


How to make it? Where to start? Do i need to use pixi (because it looks quite hard for performance)?

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Hey exhumator,


You can look at the code in the head of the page there to see his approach. Legally you're not allowed to copy his code but it would help give you insight as to how to approach it. Alternatively email the creator (rez@lol.pm) and ask him if you can use it and what your purposes are for it. 


You don't need to use pixi. I highly recommend using <canvas> (like he did) or WebGL though. 

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