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Hi there, I have an animated movieclip with 32 frames (animated using frame animation, not a tween), it loops as a normal movieclip according to the frameRate of the .fla


I wanted to accelerate this movieclip's animation on rollOver and thought a tween would be a good idea, any recommended way to do it instead of a tween + onComplete callback to start over?





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So it repeats? Maybe try something like this:


var myTween:TweenMax = new TweenMax(mc, 31, {frame:32, repeat:-1, useFrames:true});
function rollOver(event:MouseEvent):void {
   myTween.timeScale = 2;
function rollOut(event:MouseEvent):void {
   myTween.timeScale = 1;

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I added this:


var myTween:TweenMax = new TweenMax(line_mc, 1, {frame:32, repeat:-1, useFrames:true});


And the animation does not start, I tried adding this line:




And also:




And nothing happens... Any ideas? From here I can start testing the other things...

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It's because you defined your duration as 1. That means it literally took one frame to complete the tween (since useFrames:true was in your vars object). My code indicated you should use a duration of 31, not 1.


Thought those were seconds :S

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