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Width of Transformed Item changes when rotate [SOLVED]

Boris test
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when i rotate one of the objects managed by the Flex Transformmanager, they alter the width between each function call. If you try something like this


private function onUpdateTransform(e:TransformEvent):void 


you will recognize, that the value alters, but i only rotate it, nothing more. When i scale or move the item, the width will not alters. I'm confused


Best, Boris

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This isn't an error - it's just that Flash measures an item's width by its bounding box which means that when you rotate a box, it becomes wider until it reaches about 45-degrees and then narrower until 90 degrees, etc. You can visualize it by taking a piece of paper and rotating it 45 degrees and then draw a box around the entire paper (the box you draw isn't rotated of course).

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ok i solved this issues - i just calculate the width with the scaleX-Factor


private function onFinishInteractiveRotate(e:TransformEvent):void 
			_optionsBox.visible = true;

			var item:TransformItem = e.items[0];

			_optionsBox.x = item.x;
			_optionsBox.y = item.y;
			_optionsBox.rotation = item.rotation;
			_optionsBox.resetDeleteButton(item.scaleX * DEFAULT_BOX_SIZE);

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