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Get Handle Pressed?

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Is it possible to get the handle that is pressed? The reason I'm asking is because in the site I'm building I want to maintain the aspect ratio of the image if the user is resizing via any corner handle. If the user is resizing via any of the side handles (stretchH or stretchV) I do not want to constrain the dimensions.


Is this something that is currently doable, or something that could be added in the near future?



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You could add a custom dispatchEvent() call inside onPressScale() and onPressStretchH() and onPressStretchV() to distinguish between the various types of handle presses. onPressScale() gets called when any of the corner scale handles are pressed, and onPressStretchH() gets called when one of the horizontally-stretching handles is pressed, and same for the onPressStretchV() method (for vertical handles of course).

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