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Flash Builder 4 support?

expeditioncirkus test
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I'm currently working on a project in Flash Builder 4 for which we recently purchased a TransformManager license.

Is there any way to get TransformManager working in FB4? If not, when do you think you can release a version which supports it?


The obvious problem, as far as I can tell, is the replacement of child functions with element functions in FB4.


Best regards,

ExpeditionCirkus (Fredrik at Toxic Interactive, Sweden)

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Found the solution for making transformmanager work in Flash Builder 4:


In your mxml-code you use the TM-component as usual:


Then you simply package the displayobject in a UIComponent like this (i'm including it in my loadComplete handler):


private function onLoadedSWF (evt:Event):void {
var tLoadedContent:DisplayObject = evt.target.content as DisplayObject;
var temp_UIComponent:UIComponent = new UIComponent();
pp_transformManager.addElement (temp_UIComponent);


That's it! This way everything works, including TM's layer handling (bring to front, etc..)



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Thanks so much for posting the solution you found. Frankly, I haven't dug into FB4 yet (recently tried another beta product from Adobe and was shocked by how many horrible bugs were present, so I'd rather wait until the product is fully formed before making any alterations to my stuff to accommodate it). Great to hear it was so easy to work around in your case.



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Using TransformManager will not work if you are using a Spark container as a parent. You have to use an MX container such as the canvas, which FlexTransformManager extends btw, in order to make it work.


Since Flash Builder 4 allows the usage of MX-containers for backwards compatibility, it will work. But TransformManager does not support transforming direct children to any of the new spark containers.


I hope support for this will be added soon, since Spark offers several advantages over the old MX components.

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