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When I select the mc, the mc appear in other x,y

vennasa test
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Hi all,

I'm a newbie and love to use this class very much.and I used the code as the following:



my_mc.attachMovie("jonny", "blue"+count, 10000+count);

import gs.TransformManager;

var manager_obj = new TransformManager({targetObjects:[my_mc], bounds:{xMin:0, xMax:1024, yMin:1, yMax:768}, forceSelectionToFront:true, eventHandler:onAnyEvent , allowDelete:true});
manager_obj.addEventListener("move", onMove);

function onAnyEvent(event_obj:Object):Void
trace("Action: "+event_obj.action+", MovieClip or TextField: "+event_obj.targetObject+", transformed?: "+event_obj.transformed);

function onMove(event_obj:Object):Void 
trace("Moved mc: "+event_obj.targetObject);



The main problem is , When I select the mc , the selected mc appear at the near of the stage bottom.Is it because of the used with attachMovie? or is there any control code for _x and _y (I do try the bounds:{xMin:0, xMax:1024, yMin:1, yMax:768} but it doesn't work.)?Please kindly help me and I will wait any reply.thanks in advance. :)

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When you attachMovie() clips, they are always attached at _x:0 and _y:0 according to the registration point of their parent. In this case, if your my_mc MovieClip is offset from the origin of the stage, so will its child clip that you just attached. Make sense?

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Thanks a lot greensock admin.So could I need to physically place a mc on stage and then will attach in that one? I'm so dumb and if not like that please kindly advice me ,thank you so much for your precious time.and I will try now. thanks :)

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