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VideoLoader : Adding Video to Stage in another Class Than the Class Using VideoLoader

Thomas James Thorstensson test
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Yup thats right its back to the days of Flash for me. Flash and chocolate cookies:


I'm using VideoLoader in a service class. Once the video loaded I wan to add the video tot he display list in a different class (It's a robotleg project).


Now I guess I could in my service class create a container sprite and in my initialization include it without adding that container to stage and then once the video is loaded I pass that container as payload via  my event to > mediator > to my Video view where I add it to stage.


Or is there another way?


I base this question on the fact that you usually include a container :

//create a VideoLoader
var video:VideoLoader = new VideoLoader("assets/video.flv", {name:"myVideo", container:this, width:400, height:300, scaleMode:"proportionalInside", bgColor:0x000000, autoPlay:false, volume:0, requireWithRoot:this.root, estimatedBytes:75000});
//start loading




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