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Viewing Transform Handles Above Other Layers?

hospadam test
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I have a fairly straight forward problem. I'm using Transform Manager to create a custom image. I basically have two images, one right on top of the other. The top-most layer is a Image overlay. It's basically a solid image, with transparency in a certain place, revealing the bottom layer.The image overlay ever changes scale or position. The bottom image, is being controlled by FlexTransformManager. I'd like for the person to be able to manipulate the bottom image, and put it into place, underneath the ImageOverlay. The problem is, when you select the image in the transform manager, you can't see the handles underneath the ImageOverlay layer.


Is there any work-around to this? Or am I just missing something blinfully obvious? I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks so much!!

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I might have just answered my own question. Should I just add the ImageOverlay into the TransformManager... and then make it an IgnoredObject? Will that make it "unclickable". Then, I can force the background to the front when it's selected, and send it to the back when it's deselected? (Is that possible?)

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Sounds like your overlay doesn't share the same parent as the image underneath. Is that right? TransformManager always makes sure the selection handles are on the top-most level in the display list of its container, but it cannot make itself jump outside that container into another one. Is there any way you can make sure both objects share the same container (FlexTransformManager in this case)? If you do that, it should work fine. And yes, just add that overlay as an ignoredObject.

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