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Did you recommend the ebook from Noble?

cormack test
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Warning: Please note

This thread was started before GSAP 3 was released. Some information, especially the syntax, may be out of date for GSAP 3. Please see the GSAP 3 migration guide and release notes for more information about how to update the code to GSAP 3's syntax. 

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I just discover the ebook from Noble.


Greensock people write it or its a third party author?


Did you recommend it?


I saw the ihatetomatoes video option, but price is a little high in my point of view. (But it looks very good!!)


Which one did you recommend me?


I am a desktop software developer and i am developing some desktop Visual Jquery animation tool and i will love to include the option to use GSAP (JQuery is not really intented as an animation lib i guess, no matter that people believes that it is).

Thats why i have a lot of interest on learning about GSAP.



Thanks in advance.

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Hi cormack,


the GreenSock Animation Platform from Noble Desktop is an official training manual recommended the GreenSock team. 


I bought a hard copy of it a while ago and I highly recommend it.


It has tones of short demos explaining everything you need to know about GSAP.


What I liked the most about the book:


- short demos with detailed step-by-step instructions

- it covers a lot of effects and animation techniques

- all exercises are a real life examples


You'll learn things that you can straight away apply to your own projects.


And regarding my GreenSock Workshop? I am too biased to comment, but let me know if you have any questions about it.




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Thanks, Petr. Really appreciate that.


Yup, I wrote the book that is sold through Noble Desktop. It was designed to take you from the basics of a single tween through nested timelines in small, practical demos, with detailed step-by-step written instructions.


I have watched many of Petr's videos both free and in his paid workshops and they are extremely well done. 

Petr's workshop however is advanced (which is good) and assumes a certain level of understanding of the basics.

The perfect combo punch would be using the Noble book to get a solid understanding of the fundamentals and then graduate to Petr's workshop.


Petr is also doing a great job providing resources (for free) that help people get to the level necessary for the workshop. Definitely check out: https://ihatetomatoes.net/simple-greensock-tutorial-your-first-steps-with-gsap/ 


I am admittedly biased but your money would be well spent on both. 

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Thanks both for your comments, i already purchase the ebook and i am studing it.

I was more or less into GSAP from Flash, but i want to get a better knowledge and understand in detail as much as i can.

I will latter, in the next days, suscribe to the workshop of ihatetomatoes (no matter that i love tomatoes!!)


 I appreciate that this is a serious library with serious communitty and support.

Thanks again for your answers :)

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I am reading the book, and i am following carefully each example. 

Its very clear !


I recommend it to others.


Maybe could be a great idea to add something announcing the book permanently in the main webpage of GreenSock, im sure that many people, like me, does not know about the book when trying to learn about GSAP.

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I'm a JavaScript AND GSAP newb. However, years ago I did a lot of After Effects 2d and Electric Image 3d animation for video so do know a fair bit about motion graphics.


Highly recommend "Step-by-Step Training". The tutorials are short but extremely informative. The graphics are well done and the writing style is breezy without being condescending. A must-have if just getting into motion graphics in the browser.


The only down side is that I can not find a resource for Workbook assistance when stuck. I assigned myself the task of working through the exercises without using jQuery as a dependency -- primarily because I'm teaching myself JS as well.


If anyone has a tip on where to seek assistance, I'd appreciate the lead. Perhaps in this very forum since I now know that the author is a forum Administrator?


There is a section in the starfields promo that is driving me crazy!

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If anyone has a tip on where to seek assistance, I'd appreciate the lead. Perhaps in this very forum since I now know that the author is a forum Administrator?

Hey gChambers,


I too have quite a bit more experience with After Effects than Javascript and GSAP, but this forum will almost always have a quick answer for any of your problems or questions. Carl and the rest of the moderators are wizards when it comes to helping and they are never condescending no matter how basic the question may be.


So.. I say ask away - you'll be happy you did. :)

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Hi gChambers,


Yeah, you're in the right spot for help relating to anything GreenSock.

If you have a problem with one of the lessons, just let me know.

You can start a new thread in this forum with your question if you think others will benefit from it or just shoot me a Private Message by clicking on my avatar.


Glad to hear you found the book helpful!



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FWIW, I've been working with the free NetBeans IDE for years and have found it to be an excellent tool for this kind of development.  The GSAP book recommends the Sublime Text Editor, which I've tried a few times over the years, but have found NetBeans to be more feature rich.

Is there a specific feature you find that is better than sublime in regards to animating. Just want to understand what persuaded you... or was it just it had more features that didnt necc affect your greensock work?

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The feature that I find the most useful when editing code is a variable/function list which can be used to navigate the document.

I Sublime, it can be invoked and searched when needed, but then it disappears.  In Netbeans it is always present and you can observe all of your functions.  I find this very useful for efficiency and it also leads to renaming functions to keep the code organized.  That said, it appears that Sublime does a better job of code completion w/GSAP.


For many years I did AS development (w/GSAP of course) and used FlashDevelop, which I really liked and has a great code navigator.  I haven't upgraded it for years, but revisiting their website, I see that they also support JScript, so it would be worth giving that a try.  http://www.flashdevelop.org/

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Incredible.  You guys did a great job writing this course.

I finished the tutorial and wanted to post and say thanks for the GSAP course.  Nice job covering the bases which for me outlined how to use GSAP, HTML, CSS, and JQuery to transition from envisioning the Flash stage to envisioning the HTML stage.


This was my most extensive use of Netbeans (recommended above) for JS editing, so I wanted to add to the list of useful features in their IDE (beyond the usual syntax highlighting type features):

Clickable navigation includes lists of:

  • CSS Rules, Classes, IDs and Imports
  • HTML Elements
  • JS Vars and Functions
Live connection to Chrome - ie save in NB automatically updates Chrome preview.  Chrome highlighting mode where mouseover identifies elements.

Built in Server that launches with application

Silent CSS error checking - checked the entire tutorial for errors in CSS files.

Open multiple instances of a document, drag/drop to create view panels which host a tabbed display of open docs, split views.


Disclosure: I have nothing to gain from promoting NB - its just a great, free IDE.

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The really cool thing would be to offer a coupon for both the book and Petr's video lessons for Club Greensock's members ? I already bought the Petr's lessons, and enjoy it. They are great. But times are hard, and a coupon (even a little one) would be a nice reward to the community members :-)

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Hi Nicodev, 


Great to have you as club member.

Thanks for the suggestion. We will keep it in mind as we plan for future enhancements. 

We're working on some other high priority things to add even more value to memberships.

Stay tuned to our newsletter, twitter and facebook. I think you and the other members will be very happy.

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