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This thread was started before GSAP 3 was released. Some information, especially the syntax, may be out of date for GSAP 3. Please see the GSAP 3 migration guide and release notes for more information about how to update the code to GSAP 3's syntax. 

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Yep, Petr is great and puts out solid courses from everything we've seen. We're thrilled about the new GSAP-specific course he is offering. It's not aimed at beginners (which I personally think is good since there are many of those out there already). I'd love to hear what you think, alwayzambitious. 

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Hey Alwayz,

Thanks for the shout out about the GreenSock Workshop.


Jack is right it's not aimed at a complete beginners, but more specifically covers the workflow from start to finish.


Here's one of the demos live - http://greensocktutorials.com/


I'll happily answer any questions about the workshop in this thread.


PS: @Jack, can someone please fix the typo in the topic? My domain ends with .net.

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:: Disclaimer, these though just from the first two videos "html css setup and gsap animation" but Ill share another review as I progress ::


This is some long feedback I sent to the Petr, to summarize, off the bat it includes new techniques Ive never seen and it fills in the gaps..

his approach is, probably for me, a good approach for learning greensock, take a big project from start to finish. 

"First off I have to say I am blown away at what Ive learned.. I am more of a  big picture learner that i cant look at documentation and automatically think of great ways to use it. But of course, thats my issue :)
From seeing a different approach to targeting items that doesnt include id's to using the xpercent property,
I'm learning a lot that to fill in the little holes I have. Ill take the course slowly but I'm looking forward to the rest."
hope this helps
- alwayz
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Just popping by to share my thoughts on the Workshop put together by Petr.


As mentioned by Jack, this is not aimed for beginners, but is somehow still accessible to newcomers, providing they go through some simple pre-requisites like the GSAP intro video on the GreenSock website.


I personally thought i had decent skills in GSAP - after all the API is pretty easy to pick up and i was able to do cool stuff (like my flight animations on CodePen), but to be honest i wasn't really sure how to integrate GSAP inside a real project and structure my code around the existing HTML.


Watching the workshop videos consolidated my understanding of GSAP as a whole, and how it works within a project development workflow. I now feel really confident about my code, know how to properly nest tweens inside a timeline.. I am at the point where i feel that i can create pretty much anything that i would think of, because i know how to reason about it and set the proper timelines to make it happen.


One more thing: Petr has been very helpful along the way - i reached out to him a couple of times and he was very quick to respond with a really useful answer. I even caught him on Twitter doing custom short videos to explain a problem / solution to another Workshop customer..


Petr actually was the reason i was initially drawn to GSAP, after watching some of his tutorials on the ihatetomatoes.net blog. I gradually grew interest for GSAP, and for the learning material provided by Petr Tichy. It was only natural for me to try the GSAP Workshop he put together, and boy, i was not dissapointed.


When you sign up for the GreenSock workshop on ihatetomatoes.net - it really feels like you are being taken care of and you're in good hands. Not only do you get a really solid, comprehensive product, but also get that feeling that Peter is willing to help you grow your skills, give you support.


So, if you are having any doubts on signing up for the workshop - stop it. Just go and sign up, you won't regret it. I think Petr even offers a full money refund if you're not satisfied with the first module..


Cheers, and long live the GSAP community :)

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