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SVG and xPercent animation

Ihatetomatoes test
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This thread was started before GSAP 3 was released. Some information, especially the syntax, may be out of date for GSAP 3. Please see the GSAP 3 migration guide and release notes for more information about how to update the code to GSAP 3's syntax. 

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I've created SVG animation which you can see below.


1. Demo with animated <g id="tomato"> element



This works great in Chrome, but not in FF & IE because I didn't realize that <g> can not be animated because it doesn't have x/y coordinates. 


2. Demo with animated <svg id="tomato"> element


So I've created svg out of that group and animated that instead. You can see it here:


See the Pen xbZzXp by ihatetomatoes (@ihatetomatoes) on CodePen


Again, this works as expected in Chrome, and FF also bounces the tomato, but some reason the xPercent values are not applied in FF & IE. Any idea why?

tl.set(tomatoLeft, {xPercent: 23.6});
tl.set(tomatoLeaves, {xPercent: 41});

3. Demo with animated <svg id="tomato"> and animating x


When I change the xPercent offset to x, everything seems to be working fine also in FF & IE, but I wanted to keep the animation responsive.


All I've changed is the xPercent to x like this:


tl.set(tomatoLeft, {xPercent: 23.6});
tl.set(tomatoLeaves, {xPercent: 41});
// Became
tl.set(tomatoLeft, {x: "+=26px"});
tl.set(tomatoLeaves, {x: "+=26px"});

.to([tomatoLeft, tomatoLeaves], 0.2, {xPercent: 0},"split")
// Became
.to([tomatoLeft, tomatoLeaves], 0.2, {x: "-=26px"},"split")

Here is the updated Codepen, which works fine in FF & IE.


See the Pen XJXYZa by ihatetomatoes (@ihatetomatoes) on CodePen




How do I keep the xPercent offsets and make this work in FF & IE? Maybe I am missing something simple, after staring at the tomato too long.


Keep up the great work with GSAP Carl and the team.






See the Pen VYLMrJ by ihatetomatoes (@ihatetomatoes) on CodePen

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Hello Ihatetomatoes, and Welcome to the GreenSock Forum!


Great SVG animation! .. Thanks for the codepen examples.. super helpful.


Regarding your SVG animation. I had some questions to better understand your issue:

  • Is your animation supposed to change size when the browser resizes, or does it stay the same size but just centers the animation within the viewport?

Also here is a modification of the GSAP xPercent example, but i added an SVG element (zebra head) to resize instead of text.


Modified Example:


See the Pen OPMBQe by jonathan (@jonathan) on CodePen


But in that example it is using xPercent on the SVG parent, which is a div tag. I dont know if this helps in your situation.. to just use xPercent on a <div> tag instead of an SVG or SVG child element directly? To make a SVG fill 100% of its parent width, you will probably need to remove the width and height off of your SVG tag.


And here is the GSAP blog post that covered Responsive animation with xPercent and yPercent




Thanks again for any additional info! :)

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Unfortunately, SVGs don't support %-based transforms across the board, and I'm pretty confident it'd be impossible to achieve even with the workarounds we're doing to make px-based stuff work across browsers. To make it work in IE/Firefox/Opera, we have to calculate a matrix() value and feed that into the "transform" attribute, but that value cannot recognize percentages. Again, it's not a flaw in GSAP - it's a fundamental incompatibility in the spec itself. CSS transforms are supposed to recognize percentages but IE/Opera don't recognize CSS transforms on SVG elements, and Firefox has a major limitation with regard to how it handles transform-origin values, so we tuck the values into the "transform" attribute instead and handle the origin stuff ourselves. 


If anyone has ideas to solve this, I'm all ears, but as far as I know it'd simply be impossible to accommodate xPercent/yPercent on SVG elements. 

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  • 2 years later...

Bumping this as I came across similar issue, trying to make a responsive scene work in IE11. Is it still not possible to use percentage values on SVG child elements?  This works in Chrome: 


<g id="chicken-whole">...</g>
chickenMoveLeft = new TimelineMax({repeat: -1,transformOrigin:"50% 50%"});
  .to("#chicken-whole", 2, {x: "-80%", ease: Power0.easeNone})
  .to("#chicken-whole", 5, {x: "-80%", ease: Power0.easeNone})
  .to("#chicken-whole", 1.2, {x: "0%", ease: Power0.easeNone})
  .to("#chicken-whole", 2.5, {ease: Power0.easeNone});


but it doesn't work in IE11. If I use xPercent - it still won't do anything in IE11. Is there a workaround for this? Do I really have to wrap everything in individual div's?

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