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3D with TweenMax/simple3D [SOLVED]

Chris test
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Hey Jack,


Just a quick question. So far I haven't done anything in 3D but would like to get into it. Is TweenMax able to perform any 3D transformations by itself or only together with actual 3D plugins? If not, which plugin/platform would you suggest? I am not planning on anything fancy - just to animate some mcs more realistic and exiting way. I remember you put up a simple3D class preview with a video of your son quiet a while ago. Are you still planning on releasing it?


Thanks for all your work!


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TweenLite/Max can work with any 3D engine/plugin. They'll tween any property of any object, so developers use them with Papervision 3D, Away3D, the built in Flash 3D stuff in Flash Player 10, whatever. Feel free to use whichever you like.


As far as Simple3D, I didn't release it. I got pulled into other stuff and couldn't overcome one challenge related to rotating multiple Quaternions simultaneously. I may eventually get around to it again, but right now my focus is on v11 of the tweening platform.

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