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Found 6 results

  1. Hello to the community I'm trying to create a countdown with a special design and to animate like slots numbers do: with mask and rolling from top to bottom. Is there something similar? Any clues? I found this https://codepen.io/creativeocean/pen/pWXgNG but it's not what I need. I need from 300.000 to 0, different speeds, and this kind of animation: Any advices or help on this? The speed and the number to start from and go to, will change every 5 minutes. Thanks!
  2. I'm building a Pomodoro Timer and want to create a draggable div (assigned with a background-image of a 25 minute timescale) to set a timer and on release the div/image will animate back to the starting position. Can I do this with GSAP? Here's my Codepen: https://codepen.io/iamryandnelson/pen/dRbKMM
  3. Hi I'm working on a small game (as3) and I'm trying to optimize performance. Instead of calling a method for hitTest every frame I want to call them 5 times per second. I'm considering using delayedCall (because I'm using TweenMax.pauseAll): Something like this; updateCaller = TweenLite.delayedCall(0.2, handleHitTest); private function handleHitTest():void { // handle HitTest here updateCaller.restart(true); } Would this be the best approach or would it be better to use the build in Timer class. Thanks Rolf
  4. Hey everyone so maybe you can help I have created a game using Flash CS6 and Flash Develop. I have objects that are added to the stage by a timer Event named "_Obstacles". These _Obstacles are all added Randomly to the stage. Now they get pushed onto the stage like so: private function addObstacle(e:TimerEvent):void { _Obstacles = new mcObstacles(); stage.addChild(_Obstacles); aObstacleArray.push(_Obstacles); trace(aObstacleArray.length); //TweenLite.to(_Obstacles, 2.7, {x: - 300}); } In my _obstacle class I removed this: if (sDirection == "R") { //Move obstacle left this.x -= nSpeed; } and added the line as shown above to my Main Engine class instead but its still be controlled by the timer: TweenLite.to(_Obstacles, 2.7, {x: - 300}); Now this works fine and they move across the stage correctly. But I am still experiencing major lag. I dont understand why. So I was thinking maybe it could be the TIMER_EVENT that is causing the lag and if i figure out how to push out the random array of objects every 2.7 seconds and remove the TIMER_EVENT someo how it will stop the lag. My game is simple and i dont understand why its lagging this is the only thing i can think of. Its a basic player jumping over the obstacles added to the stage by the timer. So I'm sure that the timer is the corporate. Please help.
  5. Hi, does anyone have any experience with creating an accurate timer in AS3? I have used the Timer class and also setInterval in conjunction with my TweenMax project but none are very accurate. I have been reading about the Timekeeper class, but don't know exactly how to use it. http://www.computus.org/journal/?p=25
  6. Hi all, I started routinely using Tweenlite.to() static method instead of a Timer by setting a fake target (like 'this') and just putting a onComplete on the tweenvars object. I dunno if I should, what about the efficiency of that trick? TweenLite.to(this,2,{onComplete:myFunc}); function myFunc() { //My instructions... }
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