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  1. Hi everyone, recently I gave a short talk (around 10 minutes long) introducing GSAP and showing how nice it works with package bundlers (like Browserify, Webpack, etc.). I created accompanying intro animation for it so people would get better understanding of GSAP's capabilities and I could reference code chunks from it in my slides.The talk was in Polish but I'm going to re-record it in English and post on YT. Additionally I'd like to share the intro animation on GH in an open repo so people could examine and learn from it. Note that I wouldn't like to use Codepen or a similar service as one of the main points is showing how to split large animations into smaller parts using timelines and Browserify. Although the repo probably won't be open source (or at least – doesn't have to be), it doesn't make much difference in one regard: I've used 2 paid plugins (morphSVG + SplitText) and they would be publicly available this way. I'm well aware that I shouldn't do that. 2 solutions come to my mind now: Share the repo but exclude plugins from it. It would still serve as a nice example but the obvious drawback would be the fact that the animation couldn't be built and played in a local environment. Use basic substitutes. For example I could hardcode some <span> elements and use them instead of SplitText (easy and quick solution) and use frame-by-frame instead of morphSVG (not so elegant but would just work). Currently I lean more towards the second solution unless... You've got some better ideas? Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks, Artur PS. I'll post links for both the talk and animation once they'll be ready.
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