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Found 7 results

  1. How do I start my animation opacity from o to 1 immediately when user is scrolling down to the next section? Here in this code. The animation is using percentage of the opacity. Would like to achieve a behavior wherein when a user is scrolling at the end of the pinned section. It will Fadeoutthe previous section and then Fadein the next section. Is this achievable? If so, what's the best option to modify the code I've given? Sorry, quite new to GSAP plugin and still learning the functionalities.
  2. I've got a lot of progress bars on a page that I am animating as they appear with scrollTrigger. I would like to use from() to just tell them all to animate from 0 up to their value. However, this doesn't seem to work - it results in progress bars with their value set to 0. The codepen is as simple as I can get it! I'm aware I could also do something like : <progress value="58" max="100" data-value="58"> 58% </progress> And pair it with gsap.fromTo(this.progressTargets, { value: 0 }, { value: function (index, target) { var value = target.dataset.value; return value; }, stagger: 0.25, duration: 1.5, }); But it feels like I'm adding unnecessary cruft into the html markup. Does value need to be used in a different way to other properties? I can tween it using fromTo() with no problem if I define the values, it just seems to not work as I'd expect with from().
  3. Hello everyone, I have a problem which I had for multiple projects already. Whenever I use from in a timeline, combined with Scrolltrigger, it doesn't work. Using a timeline without scrolltrigger it seems to work fine. The codepen I added is an example. GSAP Example From (codepen.io) I recreated the same example with .to instead of .from and you can see it works fine. GSAP Example To (codepen.io) Can anyone help me with this problem? Thanks in advance.
  4. hello great community, am a freelance nature and documentary photographer!! web animation is always my passion to watch, and am trying to learn something, and completely new to GSAP world, yesterday have started experimenting and examples are really inspire to learn. Yesterday i learn horizontal scrolling. here in this example, i am trying to achieve image comparison inside a horizontal scrolling section, -> where sections ended in the mid of animation and quickly jump to next section!! help me to complete image comparison first, then scroll to next section. And from tween for a titles and text is not working..... and i need suggestion to slow and smooth scroll in-between sections, have tried many as possible, but its not happening with me,,
  5. Hi! I was wondering if someone could help me, as I am about to lauch this site in which I have an animation for which I'm using ScrollTrigger with from() to a position absolute + scroll magic. The problem is that in some cases in desktop and always in mobile, the elements (images and divs) render before de animation starts. I mean, there are elements that should start with Opacity 0 but they first appear (so you already see thins of the animation before starting) and then, after some seconds they turn to be in the way they should for begining the animation. I know that it's very helpfull for you to help me if i put everything on a code pen, but i can't upload the images. So I left all the code, and here I share the link of the web so you can see it. http://losderechosnoseaislan.com/home1.html If someone could help me, i would be pleased cause i'm in a hurry. Thanks in advance!!!!
  6. Hi, I'm getting many warnings in console while using gsap.from() with immediateRender: false on DOM elements (CSSPlugin). gsap.from(".box", { opacity: 0, y: 100, duration: 1, immediateRender: false }); warnings: "Invalid property" "duration" "set to" 0 "Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin()" "Invalid property" "repeat" "set to" 0 "Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin()" "Invalid property" "delay" "set to" 0 "Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin()" "Invalid property" "ease" "set to" 1 "Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin()" "Invalid property" "overwrite" "set to" false "Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin()" "Invalid property" "data" "set to" "isFromStart" "Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin()" "Invalid property" "lazy" "set to" false "Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin()" "Invalid property" "immediateRender" "set to" false "Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin()" "Invalid property" "stagger" "set to" 0 "Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin()" it started with version 3.3.0
  7. Hey guys! I have a div with text placed inside a container with a flexible width which means that depending on the screen width the height of the div will change. I would like to tween the height and alpha so that they start at height: 0px and autoAlpha:0 and on click the height increases to 100% of the text as it fades in. The provided example is part of a much larger timeline in my project and all other aspects of my gsap code are working great. I have read through other demonstrations using the set property, but I have not seen this working with TimelineMax, only with TweenMax. Is there something else I need to do to get my text container to start at 0 and tween to auto? Much appreciated!
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