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Found 4 results

  1. Hi team greensock, First off, thank you for building such an amazing animation library! Having only discoved greensock recently I can honestly say I haven't had this much fun making things for the web since the days of yore when flash ruled supreme. I think I might have come across a weird edge case in which nested scrollTrigger animations don't seem to be initializing properly, please see the codepen. It's a relatively straightforward setup with a pinned container. Inside the container is a horizontally moving list in which each of the items has it's own animation. The items are positioned to look more or less random, and the scrubbed item animation moves them back to their initial state. Before the container animation hits the start point for the first time, the nested items are positioned as if they themselves are off screen, rather than the position they should actually be in according to the scrubbed timeline. Once the start point of the container has been hit, they jump into place. From there on everything is fine. Perhaps I am doing something wrong myself, although there does also seem to be a difference between different gsap versions. If you change the version in the codepen to 3.11.1 or lower, the items are positioned correctly the first time. Gsap 3.11.2 or higher, and they're not. Any ideas what might be going on? And what could be done to fix the initial position? Thanks! Bart
  2. yahia

    React issue

    hello there, im trying to create section with cards to scroll horizontal in (React), the animation works fine but when i add scroll trigger to start animation when the section in viewport, something is wrong. here is a demo on codesandbox https://codesandbox.io/s/intelligent-rain-866rkd?file=/src/Services.js
  3. hi @PointC @GSAP Helper I hope that you are doing great. I'm super new to Gsap Forum. I was wondering if its possible to use Observer with ScrollTrigger container animation? I'm trying to create a website with multiple horizontal sections. My main problem now is the animations on each section and I'm unable to trigger it properly. I know if I was using container-animation then it would be easy but with Observer how can I trigger different animations on different sections? Hopefully my question is clear. Thanks, Kamran
  4. First of all thanks a lot for creating GSAP, it is amazing! I am new to gsap, I am working on a project where i intend to create 6 slides, which are both vertically and horizontally (fake-horizontally) scrollable. but withing one of those slides (2nd slide) I want to implement the below pen! I tried several approaches, but it does not seem to be working, I've been at it from 4 days straight, please help out! Approaches i tried: 1. simply added the code with some minor changes in "start and end positions" [ it did work, but there were 2 different scrollers, and not connected to each other] 2. tried horizontal: true [since it's "fake horizontal" it didn't work either] 3. containerAnimation -> well this almost worked, but "pin : true" cannot be used with containerAnimation. And i want the scroller to stay in view until the animation on 2nd slide is completely finished. any suggestions would be very helpful, thank you very much!
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