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  1. UPDATE : It might well be a performance issue related to screen resolution & stuff. I'll investigate on that. I'll keep the post around to see if somebody come up with a solution anyway, provided that you could replicate the issue. Hey @OSUblake Just stumble upon that magnificent piece of code a couple of days ago. I'm using it on a project and it works fantastic ! Thanks for you work. BUT ! yes, of course there's a but... I'm struggling with an issue and i can't figured out what I might be doing wrong. The issue is that, if i've got more than three/four images (give or take) on the screen at the same time, the scroll become painfully slow and jagged... And this is only occuring when i'm using Firefox as a browser. I'm on mac and it shouldn't be a a CPU/GPU related issue as i'm running on the last gen Macbook pro 15. Any idea of what might be causing the issue ? Do you think it might be code related ? I've tried to work around the requestAnimationFrame as I thought it might be causing the issue but I'm running out of ideas regarding the issue. I've attached a pen so you can check for yourself. And because it couldn't get any weirder, the problem is not occurring when I resize down my browser to a certain amount... so i'm basically wondering if finally it might be a performance issue on my side but I doubt it. Enough said, if you or any users knows what might be happening, I'll be glad to hear about that ! Thanks ! your original pen : my pen (same stuff but updated with a different layout) :
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