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  1. this`s so cool thank you very much for help.
  2. Thank you very much for answer and another demo, but I have a problem in my previous question that element which is blocking pointer events is wrapper because it is as top layer, in case when I would put wrapper as bottom layer I can`t scrool wrapper where I have eventListener set. I am wondering how I can manage pointer events on steps in case when I need to use wrapper on top. or how I can make animation scrolling with steps with different sizes wihout wrapper.
  3. Hi @mikel, In demo I launched demo made by @OSUblake with added text on step1 (should turn red when is hovered by mouse) I have a problem with catching pointer events like click or hover on content in steps in virtual scroller when I have wrapper on top. I dont really have idea how to manage it in different way. Thank you very muh for help. Kind regards, Mercy
  4. Hi @OSUblake I am beginner at animation and getting into GreenSock, I am trying to build scroller basing on your scroller example. I have a problem with click and hover behavior on content in steps (bottom layer ) I was trying to mke use of css pointer-event in wrapper element but that has also influence on scroll event. I am already out of ideas, how to handle that problem.
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