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  1. Hi all, I am trying to make some sort of a dynamic play function. But.. I am have some difficulties to make it work! My timeline: var slide1 = new TimelineMax({paused: true, onComplete:slide1DoneFunc}) ; var homeIntro = $(".verticalHelper"); var text1 = $(".homeText1"); var text2 = $(".homeText2"); var text3 = $(".homeText3"); var text4 = $(".homeText4"); var clickExplore = $("#centerBottom"); slide1.set(homeIntro,{display:"block"}) .set(clickExplore,{display:"block"}) .to(text1,0.5,{opacity: 1, ease:Power1.easeIn}) .to(text2,0.5,{opacity: 1, ease:Power1.easeIn}) .to(text3,0.5,{opacity: 1, ease:Power1.easeIn}) .to(text4,0.5,{opacity: 1, ease:Power1.easeIn}) function slide1DoneFunc() { console.log("done!") } To play the timeline I am using this code: (which works, but not dynamically) $(".play").click(function() { slide1.play(); }); In order to retrieve the value "slide1" I made a variable. The variable is updating once a vistor is visiting the next slide. I want to pass the value of the variable into the play(); function. Please take a look at the code below. $(".play").click(function() { $currentSlidePlay = $currentSlide.attr("id"); $currentSlidePlay.play(); }); In other words, I would like to achieve this: $variable.play(); It would be great if someone can help me. Thanks in regards! Tim
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