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  1. Not at all, man. You already spent a TON of time on my silly little problem -- so I'm 100% grateful ... just had to give you a (little) hard time. Now, for godsake, go do something FUN on a sunday.
  2. If I didn't know better I'd say that was just a tiny bit snotty (wink added post original post in order to soften the following) ... Of course we have legacy stuff going on, man. There isn't a real project in the world that doesnt have "legacy stuff." But kudos for being online on a sunday.
  3. Turns out its not angularJs (although angular is big enough that I could see that being a red herring). Turns out it's the presence of a now function on the Date prototype (in my case, added by the dateJs library). TweenMax.js (at 5701) has the following declarations (emphasis mine): var _reqAnimFrame = window.requestAnimationFrame, _cancelAnimFrame = window.cancelAnimationFrame, _getTime = Date.now || function() {return new Date().getTime();}, _lastUpdate = _getTime(); Because dateJs adds a now method, _getTime is set to an existing function (one that returns today's date/time) instead of the IE9+ function that returns the whole milisecond data gs is expecting. Not sure why that line looks for now first (instead of just setting _getTime to a function), but the following change seems to work in all the browsers I have access to on a sunday afternoon. _getTime = function() {return new Date().getTime();}, I can adjust to fix, but thought you'd want to take a look and decide if it's worth adjusting in the library(thought i'd pass it along just in case). Also - ThrowProps+dateJs = fail without that little adjust (in case anyone else is curious).
  4. I added a couple of console.write commands to the ThrowPropsPlugin to see whats up with those properties. Seems like the fact that _ticker.time and vp.t2 are NaN at that point in ThrowPropsPlugin is what's causing the fail. The same writes are available on the fiddle (and those properties aren't NaN). You can break on the create to see that angular is finished manipulating the dom before the draggable object is created, but I'll take a look at the timeouts... maybe wait 10s so that I know angular isn't working with it.
  5. That's so cool - you guys are the greatest! Since Im POSITIVE you guys have lost money just by looking at my lengthy freakin email, I'll go get them to upgrade to business lifetime or something on Monday. Maybe you should have a support team tip jar on the site. OK - here's what I did, I deployed a new build to our staging server and added a test account for you to see the problem. It's not a public site, so ... you know ... 1. Login to stage.bigtime.net with user name: gsbigtime@mailinator.com password: test123 2. Once you're there, browse to Reports...Report Center (https://stage.bigtime.net/Bigtime/Report2#/list) 3. Change your browser size to 480px or so wide (responsive). 4. See that top list of "tiles"? Drag em lefty/righty. The code is mostly combined, but not minified, and I changed the build so that it just uses the raw/uncompressed versions of your 3 js files (in case you want to step/debug): ..Content/js/lib-jquery/2014/draggable/TweenMax.js ..Content/js/lib-jquery/2014/draggable/draggable.js ..Content/js/lib-jquery/2014/draggable/ThrowPropsPlugin.js The actual DRAGGABLE object is created at this location (sorry - those files are all combined, but I did turn off minification so you can see wtf): ..content/js/ajsreporting_combined_20150509.js: 4301 It's inside of an angularJs directive (not that it matters, but that's whats up with the function it's in). Thanks in advance for looking gents. Seems to be ok in the attached fiddle (https://jsfiddle.net/sctsgtum/9/) so must be environmental.
  6. That typo exists above, but not in the actual code. Trouble with codePen is that it's not my live environment ... so it doesn't help me solve the problem (it just gives you a reason to punt). I did find another post that lists the objects required for draggable. I put a breakpoint in the jscript at the point the draggable object is created, and I can see all of the objects are defined. I've highlighted the spot that tells me throwprops is loaded... FYI - the version in codepen is 0.9.8 and the version I downloaded is 0.9.9 (another reason codepen isn't super-helpful in solving real life problems). Also - I changed it up to use the non-minified version(s) of your files and I can step into ThrowPropsPlugin.js just fine (Im following down to line 297 on that file ... then I get really lost in your tween.render method ... started to tear up ... had to take a break and drink a little). So if draggable.js 1141 calls ThrowPropsPlugin.js 288 correctly, then I have that module loaded, right? Like I said, draggable works - just not this easing thing.
  7. BSaunders

    Hide scrollbar?

    Any way to hide the browser scrollbar on draggable? It looks like the system adds an inline style attribute, so using css is (slightly) more difficult.
  8. FIRST QUESTION: THROWPROPS ISNT WORKING FOR ME. Probably just user error. Im trying to get draggable setup along with throwProps. I have these files attached: <script type="text/javascript" src="...TweenMax.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src=" ... draggable.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="...ThrowPropsPlugin.min.js"></script> I call Draggable.create($element, {type: "scrollLeft", edgeResistance: 0.5, lockAxis: true, throwProps: true}); RESULT: It creates a draggable frame as expected, but letting go of mouse just sends the div back to its original position. Maybe Im doing something wrong? Not sure how to check. Note that if I ditch throwProps:true, the dragging works as expected. EDIT: Adding correct ref to throwPropsPlugin (see #3 below).
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