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What would this TweenMax code mean?

heyitsjayy test
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Hello all,

Please take a look at this, I was wondering basically what it would do since it uses ".x" at the end, and haven't seen used in greensock before:


TweenMax.to(slideShow.start, 0, {y:slideShow.second.x});


Does this line of Greensock code tween the 'start' MovieClip, to Y, whatever measurement the x point of the 'second' Movieclip equals?

So its basically shifting it down/or up on the Y axis a bit -whatever X equals. (if they are both the same size MovieClips it would esentially just shift it the same length?)


OR, does this just shift it the same length Y.. but keeps it aligned with the same value of X. (say x is at 0, then it would shift 'start' MC to the Y of 'second' MC, and maintain the 0 value of X.

Believing this is the right one, though wondering if someone can throw in their 2 cents!

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Hello dude.


Your first explanation is right. But I am not sure, if you should use GSAP for just putting an Object to another place. A zero time tween is quite...short :) So if this is a real world example I would probably just set the values like


slideShow.start.y = slideShow.second.x;


But yes. All in all your are right.

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