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Rotation radial Blur effect with TweenLite

heyitsjayy test
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Hi all!

Currently i'm creating a propeller blade(s) for a flying craft! (aka plane).

Having to use TweenLite due to file size limits, so any TweenMax goodness is out.


Trying to aim for a complete, creamy smooth, radial blur effect when these blades rotate & bluring together. So the effect i've been able to achieve is more of good, smooth rotation (thanks to tweelite onComplete code below).


Yet still a separation / space between the blades happens. Actually this effect looks better IN MOTION than in the screenshot below (imaging the empty spaces are actually filled MOSTLY with rapdidly spinning blades a 360degree in .05 sec.


Normally this might "fly" (get it ;) though needing to try and get the fuller, circular "radial blur" effect for a proj. Whenever bumping the 'blurX;' up, it just makes the blur "blob" bigger, and not in a circular blur.


(Note: already currently at file sizeKB limit - actually a bit over- so am looking for a suggestion that doesn't involve a motionblurPlugin, or additional things that will add much if possible!)


function propellerSix():void {
TweenLite.to(plane.propeller6, .05, {rotation:"360", blurFilter:{blurX:20, blurY:20}, onComplete:propellerSix});
} propellerSix();


That's code used to achieve the effect in pic (on left) so far. Effect aiming for is on the right.





Anyone have any ideas on things to try to achieve this? Other settings to adjust in the TweenLite code above? Thank yas in advance!

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Hello heyitsjayy


Why dont you try with more frames per second, like 60 p.e. Also to be smoother the rotation, you may try insteed of "360" something like "120" :

TweenLite.to(plane.propeller6, .05, {rotation:"120", blurFilter:{blurX:20, blurY:20}, onComplete:propellerSix});


Its just an idea...

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Hi, I think you have run up against a limitation of Flash.


As you have experienced, bluxX and blurY don't help much for objects that are spinning, or at least for the effect you want.


Our Motionblur Plugin is only going to help for positional tweens (x/y).


Achieving the effect you are after is not entirely impossible. Chances are you could even incorporate a little TweenLite for control of such a blur but it will require quite a bit of custom programming.


Take a look here: http://www.quasimondo.com/archives/000697.php

Be sure to select the "circular" option in the demo.



Note how the sliders change the amount of circular blur. I'm sure its possible to tween any of those values. In order for that demo to be of any use, you will have to do some digging into the pixel bender API.

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Thanks guys,

Think it might be fine with the original animation. Just tried some different settings. It's a pretty good representation of a propeller effect, either way!


The complete radial blur effect is probably difficult or even impossible to achieve at 24 fps. It is indeed a limitation.. Also a full-on radial blur would use a lot of CPU i'd imagine..


Thanks for the suggestions Konstatinos, and thanks for link & help Carl!

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