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I'm have a mc on stage that I load an ext swf dynamic text box. Users can then type their text, change colors, add outlines, etc. Each click of the add text btn adds a new text field (but same) at a new depth. I have the following code which lets me select each individual text and move, scale, etc. but I can only change color and outline of last text added because it deselects when I click on the inkPalette_mc or outline_mc. I know it has to do with the "clickOff" event handler but I don't know how to do that exactly. What I want is when the inkPalette_mc or outline_mc is clicked to not deselect the selected text field. I know it must be a simple solution. Can anyone help?


function trans(){

import gs.TransformManager;

_root.text_fr_mc[addDepth].onPress = function() {
var manager_obj = new TransformManager({targetObjects:[_root.text_fr_mc[addDepth]],  forceSelectionToFront:false, constrainScale:true, scaleFromCenter:false, autoDeselect:true, allowDelete:true, eventHandler:onAnyEvent});
manager_obj.addEventListener("move", onMove);			
function onAnyEvent(event_obj:Object):Void {							
trace("Action: "+event_obj.action+", MovieClip or TextField: "+event_obj.targetObject+", transformed?: "+event_obj.transformed);
	}//End of Function
}//End of Function					
}//End of Function	


Also, when I turn the autoDeselect to false when I click on another text field the handles stay on the previous selected item. So if I select say 4 or 5 texts the handles stay on all five. Is that suppose to happen?

Thanks for any help.

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