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Custom Rects for FlexCrop

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I started playing with Flex Crop for a mobile app I'm building and ran across something that I think may be useful for others. Forgive me if I overlooked something existing in the API...


I need to give users the ability to pick an area of their photo to crop to use as a thumbnail image. But there didn't appear to be a way to define a desired rect size for the crop. The crop box seemed to only be able to default to full size of the image. I was able to constrain the scale using of the crop box using the transformManager's constrainScale, but I couldn't find a way to provide a desired rect for the crop box itself.


After digging through the class I was able to make a couple of small mods that seem to work in my instance:


//Will be used to store the preferred default rect positioning
protected var _cropBounds:Rectangle;

//In the constructor
public function FlexCrop(target:DisplayObject, manager:TransformManager, attached:Boolean=true, fillColor:uint=0x000000, alpha:Number=0, cropBounds:Rectangle = null) {
_cropBounds = cropBounds;

//Replaced the first line of _calibrateBox() with:
var bounds:Rectangle = _cropBounds?_cropBounds:_target.getBounds(_target);

Hope its helpful to someone else

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