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How many FPS on your websites with GreenSock

smeagol16 test
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Hi Everyone

I'm wondering how many fps should i set on my flash file.

At 30 even simple animations like scaling a rectangle runs smooth. But when i set FPS to 60, it looks twice better.

Everybody tells that human eye can't see the difference when there is more than 30 FPS, but i see the difference.

Even in present PC games, 30FPS looks like **** in compare to 60FPS.


So how it goes with use of cpu when while website runs. Is 60 may be too much?

I like my project better with 60 fps, but i dont know if its "safe way" to do website.


Waiting for any answers, Take care!

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its really a matter of personal preference mixed with some concern for what you expect your target audience to be.


If you are promoting high-end work to high-end clientele i'd say go with what looks best.


I use 60 in a lot of my tutorials as I love how smooth it looks.

In a lot of the Starling / Stage3D and even javascript demos the developers are aiming for 60.



When flash first came out it was recommended to use 12.


We have come a long way.


Still, when doing professional banner work, 18-24fps is still the norm (which is a real challenge to work with).


If possible I would suggest testing on a mid-range laptop to see how it runs and if the fans go into overdrive.


depending on the complexity of your site/animation you can also use "frame rate throttling" to set the frame rate really low when animation isn't taking place.


perhaps you can compromise with 40.

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I created two same versions of the sme swf, one in 30FPS and one in 60.

And i run them on my core 2 duo notebook and some other old notebook.


And Here's the result. 60fps run 100% smooth/30fps is also good but not as 60FPS on my core 2 duo.

On older notebook 60FPS is not that smooth, but it still looks better than 30.


So i think ill go with 60 anyway, i dont have too much animation, only changing sizes of some rectangles and i think it wont be "old computers killer" :)


Thanks for your reply Carl!

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  • 2 months later...

I always go for 60fps.


The animations are much smoother than in 30fps. The difference is obvious.


And considering the technology progress (as Carl mentioned in the previous post), 30fps seems so outdated...


You only have to take care of memory optimization. But memory optimization is something every flash developer should do, no matter the number of fps. So, no problem!


One thumbs up for 60fps! :D



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I usually start at 60fps in new Flash projects.

I refer to my CPU meter while testing Flash projects; if it exceeds 30%, I reduce the framerate and/or look for more optimizations.

There is also the issue of display synchronization; even multiples of common display refresh rates will result in better mapping of the frames to the display buffer.

ie: 12,15, 30, and 60fps work well because 60hz is a common LCD refresh rate, and is an even multiple of those numbers.


Not sure where the "30fps" axiom regarding the limits of human perception and framerates comes from though, but I see it too often in first person shooter videogame forums.

In that context (interactive video games), it's incorrect to assert that humans cannot perceive the difference between 60fps and 90fps, or 90fps and 120fps.

The differences are very noticeable and the assertion is easily debunked. Even 240fps would be a welcome improvement in games, assuming a display existed that could refresh that quickly.


In the context of video, television, compiled animations, 30fps works well enough because the viewer's brain is not interacting with the content.

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