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How to build slot machine animation

dingoman test
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I am new to greensock and I most say it's so cool :)

atm I am building a slot machine game with as3 and I try to make the animation of the spin with tweenMax.

I cant get good resulte,

If anyone of you made a nice animation of the spinning I will be very happy if anyof you will help me


I think this one is very nice http://activeden.net/item/flash-slot-machine/full_screen_preview/12046



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Hi Dingoman,


Just so you know, I'm going to be releasing a tutorial on this very subject very soon. In fact it was inspired by your question.




That slot machine you linked to appears to be very nice. I don't think you could go wrong investing $10 bucks to see exactly how it is made. you could learn a lot and save yourself a bunch of time. just my 2 cents.


attached is a sample file that I will be using in my tutorial, it should hold you over.


online preview http://snorkl.tv/dev/blitmask/slotDemo.html


it uses GreenSock's new BlitMask tool.


read up on it here:




http://www.greensock.com/as/docs/tween/ ... tMask.html




see attached files

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great job on your animation!


very cool!


the only thing I felt could need improving is that the blur seems a bit extreme and the transition from blurry to clear is a bit quick. it's not like its horrible or anything, I just prefer things a bit more subtle. it really is quite good!


here is the tutorial I was talking about http://bit.ly/r2g0wh.


thanks for the inspiration!



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