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Someone to examine my fla

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Is there anyone here who would can examine my fla and give me some advice? I don't think explaining it will be clear enough for anyone to help, but Ill try.


I am working on my porfolio. I am using timelinemax addLabel to navigate between my pages which has been great. I am also using LiquidStage to get the full browser effect which has been working fine up until now.


I've added an enterFrame event to my complete addLabel (below) so that the mc would rotate on mouse movement. This works fine on regular browser size but when resized the mc gets very skewed and stretched. This is really holding me back from going forward and ending my testing of this effect. Can someone with good experience help please?




tl.addLabel("portfolio_in", tl.duration);

tl.append(TweenMax.to(portfolio, 0, {alpha:1, immediateRender:false}));

tl.append(TweenMax.from(portfolio.port_title, .5, {y:"-100", alpha:0}));


.5, {z:"100", alpha:0}, .1));

tl.addLabel("portfolio_complete", tl.duration);

addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, portFrame);


function portFrame(event:Event):void


portfolio.rotationX = (stage.mouseY - stage.stageHeight/2) * 0.01;

portfolio.rotationY = (stage.mouseX - stage.stageWidth/2) * 0.009;


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