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Staggered Animation - Jump between Last and first scene

KwabenaOwusu test
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Hey All,

It seems I am missing something basic.

In this staggerd animation ( FADE IN ANIMATION). There is a jump between first and the last scene.

I have three DIVs positioned absolutely. So I was expecting DIV 'THREE' to be the first scene because I didn't change z-Index.

But somehow the animation starts with DIV 'ONE'.


My goal: Fade in image within 3 seconds. Image then stays visible for 3 seconds, then fade out.


Thanks for your time.


let fadeInImages = gsap.utils.toArray(".swapMe"),
  numOfFadeInImages = fadeInImages.length;

let fadeAnim = gsap.timeline({ repeat: -1 }).from(fadeInImages, {
  autoAlpha: 0,
  duration: 3,
  stagger: { amount: 9 },
  ease: "none"


See the Pen NWevpKL by KwabenaOwusu (@KwabenaOwusu) on CodePen

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