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Is this possible?

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I don't really have any example or code to show yet, since i first want to check if my idea is even possible.


What i want to do is following:


Let's say i want to animate a div from x:0 to x:200. Is it possible during that animation to also animate let's say skewX from 0 to 2 and back to 0 and make it finish at the same time as the X?

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Yes, that is exactly the type of animation that GSAP excels at.


My suggestion would be a timeline with 2 tweens that run at the same time.

  • first tween: move along the x axis
  • second tween: animate the skewX to 2 and have it repeat and yoyo. To account for the repeat the duration should be half the value of the first tween.
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const el = document.getElementById("el");
const btn = document.getElementById("btn");
const tl = gsap.timeline({ paused: true });

tl.to(el, { x: 300, duration: 1 });
tl.to(el, { skewX: 10, duration: 0.5, repeat: 1, yoyo: true }, "-=1");

btn.addEventListener("click", () => {


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