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Can't get ScrollTrigger pin to properly work

hoxifo test
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I'm having trouble trying to get this animation to work. What I'm wanting is to have a section that has a height 80vh and right below it another section of 100vh. Inside the first section a container with some text and as I scroll down, the text fades in while the first and second sections are pined (don't move). Right now I have nearly everything working. But the contents of the second section are not pined and as I scroll and the text reveals, the content moves and ends up overlapping the first section. I don't want anything to move until the text is all faded in. I've attached the the CodePen demo that hopefully explains the issue. I added z-index to the content of the second section so you can see it better overlapping. I thought preventOverlaps: true would fix the issue but it doesn't. Setting pinSpacing to True does what I want, but you can't see the second section because of the padding.

See the Pen mdzgPOp by hoxifo (@hoxifo) on CodePen

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