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delayedCall() callback not called locally

demiava test
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I have a Vue 3 app. The code is identical to the one on codepen. As you will see on codepen, after adding a pause when previous animation ends, "callback" will be logged after 2 seconds. Logging the "callback" is just to simply show the problem. What I want to actually achieve is gsap.delayedCall(2, () => tl.resume());


However, in my local environment "callback" is not logged. I know it's hard to understand the issue when it's about my local environment, but any guesses?

tl.addPause(">", function () {
	gsap.delayedCall(2, () => console.log("callback"));



I had to add this in between tl.from() and tl.to() to achieve same:

tl.from(monker, {
	duration: 2,


See the Pen XWPYwVq by demiavaliani (@demiavaliani) on CodePen

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I just created a couple of examples in my local environment with both Vite and Create Vue App and I can't replicate the issue you're mentioning.


I event forked our example in Stackblitz and it seems to work as expected:

https://stackblitz.com/edit/stackblitz-starters-ogmmkh?file=src%2FApp.vue&title=GSAP Starter


If you want you can fork this example:



Or go directly to Stackblitz's creative tab and select the Vue3 starter there for a one click immediate setup:



Happy Tweening!

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