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Business private registry installation with PNPM

Karsh Hagan test
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Hello, I am trying to get the gsap business plugins installed into a PNPM project. I followed the private registry instructions and can use the plugins locally, however, when I make a commit to github the commit fails (see screenshot). If I remove the .npmrc file from the gitignore then I no longer get an error, but, I don't want the .npmrc file GitHub because it contains my api key. 

Does anyone have any advice how to get around those errors while not including the .npmrc file?

Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 3.09.15 PM.png

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There's an error with the image so I can't see it 🤷‍♂️ 


I've created repos with the the .npmrc file in the gitignore file and I can't recall having any issues when pushing changes to the remote. Maybe this could be more related to a got thing than anything else. Unfortunately git is not something I know a lot. Maybe @Prasanna could have some ideas to get around this.


Is almost 1 AM here so tomorrow morning I'll jump right into creating some repos in GitHub with the .npmrc file in the gitignore file and see what happens and report back.


Sorry I can't be of more assistance about this 😞

Happy Tweening!


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I created a simple repo that includes the .npmrc file in the .gitignore list and I can't reproduce the issue you're reporting:



Here is the .gitignore file:



And you can see that in the package.json file I installed the shockingly green package:



Which is being used here:



It would be great if you could provide more information in order to see what could be the issue.


Happy Tweening!

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